Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I should've expected this given I'm using my iPhone for photos but my pictures do not look this pixelated on Facebook! Anyway yesterday I was going out for sushi with my bf so I threw on an oversized tribal print top, a brown waist belt and white shorts.

The texas heat is unbearable so the less clothes the better!!!
BTW the orange nail polish I'm wearing is the one from my last post, Essie - Bazooka. It looks a tad more orange here but it is in fact MORE orange irl.

Stanley and I at lunch.

Last night while watching my all time favorite show, Dance Moms, we baked some german chocolate cupcakes with extra nuts AND as bf was throwing the word "Decadent" around he decided we should sink a hershey's kiss with almonds in each cupcake. It was a HIT! The melty chocolate made the cupcakes super moist. 
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  1. Cute outfit. I love the tribal inspired top and sandals, and you're right, this Texas heat is killer.